The journey behind Spice Up Soul

We invite you to know our story

Hi, I’m Angelica!

Passionate about natural, creative, and healthy cooking

I’m a Colombian woman living in Dubai, a professional, and a mother, and I’m on a mission to share with you that eating healthy is delicious, easy, and fun. Seven years ago, after the birth of my second child, I started to feel very often intense abdominal pains and discomfort. To my surprise, these symptoms were not related to the changes in my body due to pregnancy or childbirth.


Some time ago, I discovered that I had food intolerance. A year later, my husband and children also showed sensitivity to certain foods. So my husband and I decided to start eating more consciously, paying attention to the quality, purity, and origin of the foods we were preparing for our family. But, unfortunately, we discovered that many of the supposedly healthy products end up harming people’s bodies. Being parents of young children, we wanted to involve the kids in the process and share the same healthy but tasty family meals that even children will eat without any problem. So this is where the whole process of creating, adapting, and documenting the recipes started.

As a mother, my children have always been part of the process, of tasting and discovering healthy food with a fun approach because eating healthy is not about denying pleasure. Instead, it’s enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that the ingredients are beneficial for your body. After all, our motto is “Relish every bite of life.” Over time we have gained confidence and have adapted our favorite family recipes by putting a twist on the classics, balancing flavors with natural ingredients, and preparing for a delicious and nutritious result. Our cookbooks result from our journey in the family kitchen, creating and tasting healthy family meals that we now want to share to inspire you and help you enjoy every bite of life.

We eat with all the senses and we taste first with the eyes!

We invest a lot of time, and energy and love learning how to photograph the recipes in our photography studio.  Some of our photographs have received International recognition in Food photography contest and that makes us proud of the quality of our work, Now we offer our photography skills to Dubai Residents and business owners. Check here our Portfolio.

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